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We offer two types of training. In-company refers to training provided specifically for your organisation, usually delivered on your own premises. While Open Programme events are courses we run, where individuals from a variety of companies take part.
Open Programmes
Management Development
Recruitment and Performance Management
Effective Communication
Delivering and Managing Training
Successful Selling
Statutory Training
  In-company training can involve delivering programmes that have been developed for your organisation. We can also tailor our own tried and trusted modules to meet your organisation’s needs, deliver your existing programmes, or support you in developing new programmes of your own.
  Programmes can be delivered to:
Operative Staff, for example Customer Service, Service Recovery or Basic Selling Skills
First Time Supervisors to support their move into a new role, for example An Introduction to Management,
Communication Skills, Corrective Coaching or On-job Training
Middle To Senior Management needing to develop their leadership, management and personal skills, for example through Leadership & Teambuilding, Time Management & Prioritising, Delegation, Successful Presentation or Appraisal & Selection Interviewing
In-house Trainers to develop existing trainers or those who are new to the role, for example through Practical & Group Training Skills, Managing Training or Facilitator Skills
  Open Programmes  
  If you are looking to develop one or two members of your team, we provide Open Training programmes including Group & Practical Training Skills, Successful Presentations, Sales & Negotiating Skills and the National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders.  
  Management Development  
  When it comes to management development we can assist your managers in gaining the skills to develop their own teams. We can also run a range of workshops and team building events on your behalf – using Personality Profiling to create Team Audits.  
  Our Team Building activities are extremely participative, including indoor exercises and outdoor activities. But be warned, participants have been known to get soaked at times!  
  We have tried and tested programmes for the development of managers at all levels. Our ‘menu’ of options includes Leadership & Team Building, Motivation in Practice, Standard Setting, Effective Communication, Delegation and Coaching to Improve. You can choose from the menu and we’ll create a one-off programme (one to three days) or a series of short modules spread over an agreed period of time to meet the needs of your business.  
  However some areas of personal development lend themselves to more focussed modules. For example Time Management & Personal Planning, Project Management & Managing Change, and Finance for the Non-Financial Manager.  
  Recruitment and Performance Management  
  Selecting and recruiting the right candidates, and subsequently managing their performance, are key management responsibilities within any organisation. We at Progressive Training can develop bespoke training programmes according to your organisation’s recruitment and management policies and procedures in order to meet these demands.  

Our Selection Interviewing programme can be a one-day introductory course or two/three days incorporating competency-based, focussed and situational interviewing techniques. We use role-plays, which can be recorded to let participants review their own performance.


We support managers who have new members in their team through bespoke programmes including our Effective Induction module, which prepares managers to Induct new starters, Appraise Performance and Implement Quality Standards.

  But as well as the positive sides to performance management, there may be some negative issues too. Our Absence Management programme, for example, provides a practical approach to dealing with unauthorised and long-term absence.
  If employees aren’t happy with any disciplinary steps taken against them and consequently raise this with you, we provide Dealing with Disciplinary & Grievance workshops to help you deal with these issues. These tailored workshops are based on your personnel policies and procedures, as well as legal requirements and best practice.
  Effective Communication  

Our Effective Meetings & Briefings programmes result in the consistent delivery of a message, an informed team – and an efficient use of time.


With a broader brief, Developing Interpersonal Skills helps your people establish strong, positive working relationships between managers, staff and peers.


Our Successful Presentations programme is of real benefit to people who have to present company changes to sceptical employees or sell to prospective clients.


And our Business Writing Skills programmes can cover structuring a sales letter and replying to a written complaint, as well as email and submitting reports and activity plans.


Delivering and Managing Training


It’s widely recognised that the best training takes place on the job. So our two or three-day Practical Training Skills programme trains your team to do just that - and provides pointers on Corrective Coaching.


However, some training is best delivered in groups, like dealing with statutory issues or using new systems and procedures. Our Group Training Skills programme (two or three days) provides a structured approach to delivering group training and develops the skills to prepare training sessions using a tried and tested format.

  We can also deliver training in Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation Skills – providing your trainers with interactive techniques, including management exercises, games, ice breakers, using training films and feedback.  
  Meanwhile our Planning & Organising Training module helps those responsible for identifying, planning and managing the training activities required.  
  Delivering Exceptional Service  

Whatever the focus is on training, it’s pointless if your customers aren’t benefiting from the best possible service and decide not to return.


We have delivered our Exceptional Customer Service programme to over 10,000 employees, and to aid Service Recovery, when things don’t go according to plan, we can provide additional modules including Handling Complaints & Difficult Situations and Dealing with Demanding People.

Progressive Training also has trainers qualified to deliver the Welcome to Excellence Programmes, Welcome Host and Welcome All.  

A major impact can be made to your bottom line as a result of your employees adopting some simple cross sales techniques. Our Successful Up-selling module gives practical tips in identifying opportunities and getting your message across.

  Of course not all service delivery happens face-to-face, and that is why our Essential Telephone Techniques programme is so popular.  
  Successful Selling  

A proactive and structured approach to sales is key to business growth.


If your team needs to convert more incoming telephone enquires our Successful Telephone Sales programme is the answer. I incorporates taped role-plays, how to structure a follow-up call and competitor bench-marking.


Whether on the telephone, showing prospective clients the facilities or in any other sales situation, our Developing Selling & Negotiating Skills programme will give your salespeople confidence - even if selling isn’t their main role.


Our Conference & Event Sales programme focuses on the specific skills required for this specialist area. It incorporates telephone sales and enquiry handling, as well as handling objections and negotiating. It also covers the more practical aspects of diary and yield management, room layouts, as well as menu and wine considerations.

Successful Showrounds is another practical module and emphasises the importance of preparation and using the unique selling points of your operation, as well as demonstrating the features and benefits of your products and services. Our other sales programmes with more of a management perspective include Account Development and Developing a Sales and Marketing Plan.
  Statutory Training  
  We also have consultants with specialist skills to provide a range of statutory training.  
  Food Hygiene and Health and Safety (CIEH)

Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Certificates in Food Hygiene
Foundation Certificate in Health and Safety
Risk Assessment and COSHH
Manual Handling

  Licensing Legislation
National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders